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2012 Year in Review

In the past year, I read lots of books, did lots of volunteering, adopted two pets and joined a  gym.  I also had a really good year at work.  Outside of the office, here is how I want to step it up: Reading I… Continue Reading “2012 Year in Review”

On Election Night

I am bouncing back and forth between returns and the Bulls game.  And some West Wing clips on YouTube. I left work a bit early to go vote.  The place was packed and the volunteer I spoke with said that in his nine years… Continue Reading “On Election Night”

Being Productive

Since leaving work Friday afternoon I have done the following: Bathed my allergy-ridden dog, Fiona. Took Gibbs to the dog park (twice). Purged sock drawer. Purged underwear drawer. Purged nylons drawer. Purged t-shirt stash. Finished a book. Made three blankets for Project Linus. I… Continue Reading “Being Productive”

About the Hair

It flummoxes some folks to learn that – as spa-di-da as I am with regular facials – I will go to the place in the mall to have my hair cut and colored.  So here is the story: There is nothing to cutting my… Continue Reading “About the Hair”

The Slacking Before the Storm

I have been a total slacker this evening.  I meant to write about Librarything vs GoodReads, but kept getting distracted. I have five volunteer gigs in the next five days.  That’s my excuse.  But since I doubt I’ll be here over the next couple… Continue Reading “The Slacking Before the Storm”

Why I Moved My Blog

It starts with feeling like I needed a new theme around here.  I created my Blogger journal for an assignment in my e-business course a few years ago.  I cranked out the idea based on what was on my mind at that minute in… Continue Reading “Why I Moved My Blog”

Goal Check – 2011

So here is what I wrote last year and how it went: At the Refuge, we have all agreed that we need to start organized fundraising efforts. I spent a few hours researching grants that might be available. Of course, I’ll have to learn… Continue Reading “Goal Check – 2011”

My Three Trees

The first thing is that we really like Christmas ornaments.  Factor in that we combined two households.  That has lead to not even unpacking a whole bunch of ornaments for years.   We thought about getting a second tree, but it seemed like to… Continue Reading “My Three Trees”

Posts I Owe My Blog

Update on the puppy.  A thing on my Christmas tree solution.  This book I am so close to finishing.  Sigmund the Grey.  Plumbing Emergency 2011 – Part 2. I seem to be the only person in Cook County not watching the Blago sentencing today.… Continue Reading “Posts I Owe My Blog”

Lunchtime at Noodles

I went for an early lunch at Noodle’s & Company in Arlington Heights before hitting the book sale at the Arlington Heights Library.  This particular Noodles is always filled with unsupervised children due to the movie theater around the corner.  Thus it is also… Continue Reading “Lunchtime at Noodles”