Why I Moved My Blog

It starts with feeling like I needed a new theme around here.  I created my Blogger journal for an assignment in my e-business course a few years ago.  I cranked out the idea based on what was on my mind at that minute in order to score a good grade.  It evolved a different way.  Also:

I have been struggling with Blogger for awhile.  A lot of it is about formatting.  But mostly, I was feeling like Google doesn’t give the product a whole lot of love.  Then Marlee, of Marlee in Debt wrote this and I took a look at WordPress.

I started thinking about how Google monetizes.  While I am all in favor of Google making a profit, I am rather over Google ads.  I would rather pay the company hosting my blog than deal with…geez.  I hope Blogger doesn’t go the way of LiveJournal.  I don’t really see that coming, but it could happen.

So I created a WordPress account.  I played around a bit.  I don’t love everything about it, but I can work with it.  And I haven’t even upgraded to a paid account yet.  The widgets aren’t as pretty and the layout takes some getting used to but I can work with it.

And then.  I was able to import my entire old blog in absolutely no time.  Color me sold.

3 thoughts on “Why I Moved My Blog

  1. Fluffycat says:

    Ok just updated my Google Reader to follow you over here. I like the new page look.

  2. Jim McKee says:

    One thing about WordPress (the free version), you can only use the templates that the company gives you, and you cannot access the HTML. (Having said that, I know some people would say, “Woo-hoo!” It’s kinda like the difference between PC’s and Macs… some people like to tinker under the hood, others detest it.)

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