My Three Trees

The first thing is that we really like Christmas ornaments.  Factor in that we combined two households.  That has lead to not even unpacking a whole bunch of ornaments for years.   We thought about getting a second tree, but it seemed like to much work.  Enter pre-lit trees.  And dropping prices.  So this year, I bought the second tree.  A small, four foot pre-lighted that we put on a kitchen cart in our family room:

About a day later, I made my one trip of the season to Crate and Barrel and found this “ornament tree”:

This is a terrible picture, as the angle I had to take in the hallway doesn’t do it justice, but I also think that next year I will focus on spherical ornaments here, rather than just “small” ones.  I think it’ll fill out nicely that way.  Finally, the main event:

In the front window of my living room.  Sorry about the glare.  There are an awful lot of gifts here, but that is because my brother sent his over already.  So my house is officially ready for guests and I am watching the Bulls game.

Merry Christmas.

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