Goal Check – 2011

So here is what I wrote last year and how it went:

At the Refuge, we have all agreed that we need to start organized fundraising efforts. I spent a few hours researching grants that might be available. Of course, I’ll have to learn how to write them.

We held a fundraising walk on Memorial Day that raised a bunch of money. Another volunteer picked up the grant writing and ran with it, although I don’t know what kind of results she had. Finally, my employer started a charitable matching contribution program that I maxed out in support of the Refuge. I am calling a Win on this goal, but we’d better step it up next year.

At the Library, we have talked a lot about how to keep all of the volunteers better informed. It is really hard to keep everyone on the same page when we are all working one-at-a-time. I owe our director an e-mail on the instructions regarding onsite sales of Amazon listed books.

Didn’t make much progress here. Not all volunteers are online so we have relied on a notebook to keep volunteers informed onsite. But not all of us are onsite at regular intervals. We are having another planning committee meeting soon and I expect we will be discussing this again.

I mentioned that I am beginning to contribute blankets to Project Linus. I am not sure how active I can be in the local chapter, but I think I am halfway through my second contribution.

I rocked this one, and will discuss it further in a separate post.

I was disappointed that I only made it to 50 Books read in 2010. However, it seems to be a reachable goal, so I’d better stick with it. I will commit to reading every book that my Book Club selects, even if I am not able to attend the meetings.

I hit 65 books, thanks to the audio section of the Library. However, I did skip one Book Club Book. The meeting was on the day of a Bears game and it would have been a re-read anyway.

I am not going to commit to visiting any place new in 2011. The winter vacation is a repeat, and unless I have a much better idea, I think I want to go back to New Orleans this year.

I did not visit any new cities in 2011. However, I have a vacation to Kauai planned for late winter (been to Hawaii, but not this particular island) and a conference scheduled for Wrightsville Beach, NC (been to the state, not this area). I do not have hard plans for the summer yet.


Several months of the year were defined by my mother’s health crisis and the aftermath. For the most part, she is recovering nicely. There are some ugly straggling bills coming in, but it could all have been so much worse.

I did some pro bono work through the Taproot Foundation, finishing up my first project recently. It was mostly a positive experience, but it became very difficult to schedule with my other commitments. I should write up a complete post on that.

We lost two pets this year, Shadow the Dog and Spooky the Cat. We adopted Gibbs as a puppy this summer and made a serious goal of making sure he is well-trained and socialized. His training is going well. He does. not. like. strangers. Also, Sigmund the Foster Grey has decided that he is staying. I believe this is called a “failed foster” and his adoption is pending.

Finally, I have used the Internet to do a whole lot more networking and idea-sharing with other non-profits and volunteers. I have not contributed much to Glenview Patch lately, though.

So. I owe posts to my blog on Sigmund, Project Linus, Great Non Profits, and Taproot. I go back to work tomorrow for one day, then leave for Big Work Meeting. I think it is going to be a good year.

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