Random Sunday Night Blathering

Joker the Bunny has gone home and I am gearing up for a couple of business trips.  The horrid part about that is Alex and Ainslie are expecting their baby sister while I am gone.

I took them to lunch yesterday at Noodles.  I had neglected to pack a toddler spoon, and Ainslie had trouble with the fork.  Every time I tried to help her, she put her fists up in front of her face, shook her head back and forth and made a noise that sounded just exactly like “warning..warning..warning..(I am going to scream!)”  So I had to hurryhurry put three noodles on the fork, put it down and say, “OK, then!”  And she would pick up the fork.

Sixteen months old, that one.

Here’s what’s funny.  There is a Cold Stone Creamery around the corner and I asked Alex if he wanted to go get some ice cream.  He said, “Nah.  We just went to the grocery store.”

When I told this to his mother, she was all impressed and explained that Edy’s was Buy 1 Get 2 Free at the Jewel.  So.  Public Service Announcement there.  Oh.  And another:

For a series of uninteresting reasons, I happen to walk into an Old Navy store.  No wait – one of the reasons is important:

It was 10am on a Sunday and many stores do not open until 11.  I will walk into a store where I do not normally shop to kill time until the place I need to go is open.  This happens nearly every Sunday.  Someone should really count up all of the unnecessary purchases I have made at Bed, Bath and Beyond just because they open early.

Oh, and my friend Jodi has had really good luck at Old Navy lately.  Lame commercials aside.

Anyway.  The Ladies of My Acquaintance (read as: my female co-workers) have lamented all winter long about the lack of straight skirts in the stores.  Everything has been flared or ruffled or something otherwise unacceptable.  Old Navy had a straight skirt, machine washable, cut just above the knee and appropriate for the business casual workplace.  For $20.00.

I am mostly satisfied with the Final Four.  I’d have been happier if Duke was out (Butler put up a good fight), but I promised to shut up and be happy if Notre Dame was bumped early.  And so I shall.  My mother made a similar vow, (except for the shutting up part) that she has already violated in her raucous support for the Big Ten. 

So.  Another week. 

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