Facebook Etiquette

I had a weird Facebook day.  I’ve only been active on it for a few months.  I don’t post every day, but I look at it most days. 

Mostly, I was expecting a bunch of groaning about the first official day back at work.  And there was some of that.  My friend Greg was joking that his Wii Fit cursed at him for stepping on.  But there was also some serious stuff.  My Aunt Jacquelyn was posting about the death of a friend.  My friend Austin was in a car accident. 

I was just going to post that I had beaten Cake Mania Two.  Or that I took out seven episodes of Chuck and have ten to go before Sunday.  I would be “I am sitting on the patio” guy except that I don’t post five times a day.  And really, if I were to be the personification of a damn commercial, it would be “sitting on lucky couch” guy.


Facebook is such a chaotic mess of random and clever and complaining and celebrating.  I don’t know how to respond most of the time, so I just don’t.  How lame.

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