New Favorite Dog Toy

Gibbs likes these:

They are called Hide & Seek toys.  His current favorite is actually from Martha Stewart, because it has some kind of crinkly plastic in it that makes a lot of noise.  Of course, then he loses the little stuffed toys.

As it happens, Drs. Foster and Smith sell refills of the stuffed toys.  But they cost $8.00 and I didn’t have enough other stuff to justify an order when I was looking.  But today, I spontaneously decided that Gibbs needs a Big Boy Collar, so I went in to PetsMart.  They didn’t have the refills, but they did have some little stuffed toys from Kong:

Actually, the one I bought is a brighter green.  It is the right size to stuff in the Hide & Seek toys and was on sale.  I think three of them cost me $10.  It is “low stuffing” and has a squeaker inside.  It even came with an extra squeaker, which I don’t think I will be using.  Although it did occur to me for five seconds that I should try to talk my mother into making some toys for him.  The squeakers would work for that purpose.

Anyway, Gibbs loved it.  He took it out of the Hide & Seek toy and ran of squeaking it.  And squeaking.  And squeaking.  He finally dropped it and I went over to “reload”, but the “fur” is all wet.

I wouldn’t want it to get mildewy.  And I’m glad I got three.

2 Comments on “New Favorite Dog Toy

  1. I have always admired those Hide & Seek toys myself. They seem like a cute idea. I didn't think they'd appeal to my cats, but I could also see how it would appeal to children as well as other animals.

  2. They actually come with instructions that say you should toss the stuffed toys in with your dirty laundry for awhile to make them more interesting to the dog. Gibbs required no such ploy, I am happy to say.

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