Officially Part of the Problem

I’ve been doing my holiday shopping all sneaky-like for thepast couple of weeks – trying to beat the crowds without owning the fact that Iam now officially a part of the problem with the ever-expanding holidayseason.   

I have done a fabulous job of buying myself new clothes.

I went in to Toys R Us for the kids and came out withsomething for my brother.

I have done extremely well in shopping for my dog.
At lunch today, I went to Ikea.  Because everyone knows that mid-week duringthe lunch hour is the only safe time to go to Ikea.  I was positively tripping over children.  Shouldn’t they be in school?  Apparently not.  It seems that some districts have Teacher’sInstitute and some have Parent/Teacher conferences.   I have a friend in Des Plaines that saidyesterday afternoon, her kid’s class had a field trip.  They went bowling.
I have already said, “Shut up” out loud to the voice in myhead that is caroling.  All of thedecorations are up in my office.    Ihave eight gifts wrapped.  People, I justbought a second tree because we have that many ornaments.  
I think I’d better stay home on Friday.

2 Comments on “Officially Part of the Problem

  1. There are people in my office with children who are out of school all week. You never got that lucky.

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