How Things Get Done in My House

Yesterday, at the doctor’s office, I realized that I didn’t have my phone.  I figured that I had left it on my desk at work.  This morning, it wasn’t there.  I went back outside and searched my car.  Nothing.  So I called home.

My mother is in charge of the cell phones in my house.  Mostly because she wanted one about ten years before I did.  We figured out that our contract is just about up, anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal to go get a new one.  And while we were at it, she wanted to add my grandfather to our contract.

He is still doing pay-as-you-go-minutes.

But before we do, she is going to go and check her car to see if my phone is there.

It was.

In ten minutes, I went from:



Oh, cool.  Getting an iPhone.


Damn!  I wanted an iPhone.

So you can guess what I did…

I ordered it.

2 Comments on “How Things Get Done in My House

  1. Anne, my Audrey is determined to be in the GBoWR for who can go through the most mobile phones..I think at this point that she has had every make/model known on this planet..finally, the is the ONLY time I have not heard her say one bad thing..and all this time I thought it was her service..imagine that! 🙂

  2. Yeah. My brother considers Apple the Evil Empire and still loves the iPhone.There is a joke going around that Apple should pay Blackberry advertising fees for the service outage during the 4s launch!

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