Retail Therapy

It isn’t reasonable to call it “retail therapy”, because I needed shoes.

OK, that sound you hear is my mother laughing her head off.  But my summer loafers are dead, as are both pairs of ballet flats.  So I went into DSW, determined to find one or the other.

In the same aisle, I found both.  In my size, which absolutely never happens.

To replace my loafer, I found this from Naturalizer:

OK, they are really a slide, but they have the feel of a loafer.  Across the aisle from Anne Klein:

The ballet look with a bit of a wedge heel, and they feel great.  The dilemma was which to choose?  Then I heard my mother’s voice in my head telling me to shut up and get both.  (Sigh.)

So as I was walking up to the front, I thought about how that only took five minutes.  Normally, I will come in because I have $10 off and time to kill.  I shop when I have a discount, so that I don’t end up spending more money out of desperation when I really need something.  This time, I went in with a purpose and was done rather quickly.

Then I remembered that the other thing I would normally do is start in the Clearance section.  I did a 180 and headed over, fairly certain that I wouldn’t find anything I liked better than the two pairs I had already found.

You know what I found?  My Nine West ankle boots.  I bought a pair last season and loved them.  Here was another pair, on clearance.  In my size!

Seriously, people.  I don’t think I have ever, in my life, purchased three pairs of shoes for myself at the same time.  I can’t say that I feel guilty, though.  And since I came home to a leaky ceiling that will become $2,000 in expenses to the plumber and I don’t know how much to replace and paint the drywall with my birds over at the Refuge for two days…

I guess I can call it Retail Therapy.

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