Category: Pretending to Cook

Department Outing

I believe I have mentioned that my Awesome Employer sets aside budget money each year for every department to have a group outing. They always involve food and generally involve an activity of some kind. This year, Lisa suggested Cook Cork & Fork, a… Continue Reading “Department Outing”

Pinterest-y Things We Did This Weekend

I was in Indianapolis this weekend for my friend Austin’s 40th birthday.  I think 40th birthday parties are meant for us to drink like we are 20 years old and decorate like we are four.  Austin’s fantastic boyfriend, Justin, threw a party with a… Continue Reading “Pinterest-y Things We Did This Weekend”

Birdie Bread

Several people at the Refuge have asked for my “recipe” for Birdie Bread, because Birdie Bread is the best way to trick fussy birds into eating their vegetables. I kept saying, “You just grind up some vegetables and toss them into your cornbread mix”.… Continue Reading “Birdie Bread”

More Starbucks Substitutes

My mother bought herself one of those new-fangled coffee machines from Keurig around Christmas.  I imagine you have seen them.  They use little “pods” a bit larger than an old container of creamer and brew one cup of coffee at a time.  Convenient, if… Continue Reading “More Starbucks Substitutes”

The Papaya Obsession

My first visit to Hawaii was a business trip to Honolulu. It was in September..2003, I think. We flew in on Tuesday and met for a group breakfast before the meeting Wednesday morning. I was standing at the buffet with my colleague, Stu, who… Continue Reading “The Papaya Obsession”

Not From a Box

Somewhere between the third and fourth touchdowns of the worst game ever played in the National Football League, I had to get up and do something.  I made cranberry sauce.  Although technically, the recipe came from the back of the bag, I can call… Continue Reading “Not From a Box”

Cooking with Alex

The weekend before last, Scott brought his family over for lunch. We had originally planned on going out, then figured it was easier with the baby and the goofy weather to stay in and make something. Because I happen to eat like a four… Continue Reading “Cooking with Alex”

Anne’s Chopped Salad

I made a chopped salad for dinner. My mother asked where I got the recipe. “There’s no recipe. It’s a salad!” OK, fine. For your amusement, here’s the salad for lazy people that are also picky eaters: 1 bag of romaine lettuce – because… Continue Reading “Anne’s Chopped Salad”