Not From a Box

Somewhere between the third and fourth touchdowns of the worst game ever played in the National Football League, I had to get up and do something.  I made cranberry sauce.  Although technically, the recipe came from the back of the bag, I can call absolutely call this cooking from scratch.
With a full cup of sugar.
My family was perfectly happy with the stuff from a can.  We would refrigerate it in advance and a true champion, like my mother, could get the lump of cranberry jelly to slide out into the dish in one unblemished lump.  I forget why I first tried making it fresh…but I remember my family trying it and saying, “Wait a minute.  This is good.”  And being all impressed.

So.  Green bean casserole and fresh cranberry sauce.  That’s what I can contribute to Thanksgiving dinner.  If we bother to cook at all.

P.S.  I am convinced that if I had been fed fresh cranberry sauce as a child, I would have found it lumpy and complained about the seeds.  I wouldn’t expect Alex to eat this.

One Comment on “Not From a Box

  1. My mother serves both types of cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving. Scott and I did not like the "lumpy, seedy" kind, we preferred the lump that looked like a can (like a jello mold)Kris Dahlberg

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