Pinterest-y Things We Did This Weekend

I was in Indianapolis this weekend for my friend Austin’s 40th birthday.  I think 40th birthday parties are meant for us to drink like we are 20 years old and decorate like we are four.  Austin’s fantastic boyfriend, Justin, threw a party with a Rainbows & Unicorns theme.  Or, My Little Pony farting rainbows:




My job was to find the perfect sangria recipe.  “Perfect” means:

  1. Easy to make
  2. Not too many ingredients
  3. Nothing in it that I won’t personally consume (like cloves or something)
  4. Does not have to sit overnight.

I found this. But neglected to take pictures of it.  We tripled the recipe and used Menage a Trois Cabernet Sauvignon, which was a random find at the store.  While the recipe says to let sit overnight for the best flavor, I don’t think ours was sitting for much more than two hours.  Justin liked the idea of using ginger ale instead of sugar and it was fabulous.  I was inspired to write this blog to be sure that I don’t lose the recipe.

Then there was the cake:



Justin rocked this.  The recipe is simply yellow cake mix, prepared and separated into six cups.  Then food coloring is added to each cup.  Then the batter is poured into the baking pan one at a time for the swirl effect.  Very pretty and very tasty.  I found an online recipe if you don’t believe me. 

That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is as crafty as we get.


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