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John Adams HBO miniseries has been in my house almost since it was released on DVD and I just got to watching it.  Adams isn’t my favorite President – that would be Abraham Lincoln, duh – but depending on what day you ask, I might… Continue Reading “John Adams”

More Star Wars Goofiness

Dooce posted this piece from Vimeo.  There is a decided lack of Han Solo.  But….it’s darling. Jeremy Messersmith – Tatooine from Eric Power on Vimeo.

The Social Commentary this, Chapter One of Killing My 2010 Vacation Days, I was awakened at 6:52 a.m. by the dog.  He wanted me to know that his mother had left for work and he did not want to be alone.  I did not get back… Continue Reading “The Social Commentary”

The War, by Ken Burns While I have something of a WWII theme going on this year, I can honestly say that I would watch just about anything that Ken Burns decides to produce. Because the subject matter is so broad, Burns used an interesting storytelling device: he… Continue Reading “The War, by Ken Burns”

Hamlet, by the Royal Shakespeare Company spent some time trying to get through the backlog on my DVR.  I watched Zodiac on Friday and got to Hamlet today.  It was the one the Royal Shakespeare Company did with Patrick Stewart and David Tennant.  Stewart was great, as always, but it… Continue Reading “Hamlet, by the Royal Shakespeare Company”

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Like most people my age, I do not understand why A Nighmare on Elm Street required a remake.  I saw the commercial during the Michigan State game, which made me go online and find the full length trailer.  The first half-minute made me think.  A… Continue Reading “A Nightmare on Elm Street”

Up in the Air

When Up in the Air came out last year, no one could believe that I wasn’t rushing out to see it. Because: 1. “You dig Clooney, don’t you?” 2. “You travel all the’ll get all the Frequent Flyer jokes!” 3. “You work in… Continue Reading “Up in the Air”

No. Please. No.

Variety is reporting that some Hollywood geniuses have picked Heathers as the latest thing to turn into a crappy TV show: Fox is developing a contemporary take on the 1989 Christian Slater/Winona Ryder feature “Heathers.” Dark comedy will be adapted for TV by scribe… Continue Reading “No. Please. No.”

Best Movie Candy Ever

I forget why I was in Walgreens on Friday, but I decided to pick up some candy for watching Star Trek. Walgreens is bringing back some “classics” and I picked up the old “jawbusters”. The mini version of these can still be found –… Continue Reading “Best Movie Candy Ever”

That Star Trek Movie

It was really good. I didn’t watch the original series – I was a fan of The Next Generation. So I spent more time than most trying to figure out what was the original canon and what was alternate reality. (Did Little Spock really… Continue Reading “That Star Trek Movie”