(Apologies in advance to everyone in my real life who has heard this story a hundred times.)

I was home from college and getting ready to put up the Christmas tree in our living room.  I turned on the family room TV for some noise and walked away.  Several minutes later, I heard an evil little voice calling:


And froze in a panicky moment of deja vu.

I went back to the family room to look.  The movie was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  Dick van Dyke was in some town where children were outlawed and there was a bad man that collected all of the children and imprisoned them.  So the adults are at some meeting somewhere and the children are told to stay put and the bad man lures them out of their hiding place with lollipops.

Somehow, I had seen this as a child and been so utterly terrified by the concept that I’d blocked it out of my head.

Most people find it utterly hilarious that my, “what movie really scared you as a kid” is Chitty Chitty Freakin’ Bang Bang.  But there it is.

Yesterday, my brother e-mailed me this list of 17 Surprisingly Scary Kids’ Movie Moments.  Number Four, Baby:

If that isn’t enough for you, here is the scene on YouTube.  It still creeps me out.

P.S.  I have still not seen Bambi.  When I was a child, my mother determined that no child should have to contemplate the death of her mother, so it was banned.  I was at least in junior high before Snow White and Cinderella.  If you ask her today, my mother will tell you that The Lion King is equally unacceptable.  How this shit got past her is totally beyond me.

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