Would you believe I saw another movie this weekend?  It was a fluke – Bullitt was just starting on AMC or something when I went downstairs to the let birds out to play.

I hesitate to say there isn’t much to the plot, because when a film is 40+ years old, it might very well be the original that started the trend that led to the cliche.  But I am thinking that “cop assigned to protect a witness and it all goes wrong” wasn’t particularly groundbreaking in 1968.

Steve McQueen plays his part well and Robert Vaughn is appropriately smarmy as the ambitious politico that drags Bullitt into it.  The subplot with the girlfriend added less than nothing, but the car chase was pretty impressive.  I also had a “so that’s where they got it” moment near the end as the cop is chasing the bad guy through an airfield at night (i.e. Pacino and De Niro and Heat).  Which reminds me of how pleasantly quaint it was to see airport “security” in that year.

Overall, I am glad I saw it but do not need to add it to any collections.

One Comment on “Bullitt

  1. “The Getaway” is a great Steve McQueen flick. He plays a crook in that one.

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