In the Time of the Butterflies the Time of the Butterflies, the Julia Alvarez novel, has been on my shelf for over a year.  I seem to recall it was a One Book, One Chicago pick awhile back.  It was loosely based on the true story of four sisters in the Dominican Republic that fought against a dictator in the 1950s.  Last night, when I was clicking through the free movies on, I found the Showtime movie that Salma Hayek based on it.

I have to tell you, watching Edward James Olmos play the bad guy was really disconcerting.  I had assumed that he would play the dad.  Also, Marc Anthony has a small role as  a cute revolutionary boy, which was rather distracting in light of his recent headlines.  Also, I had to skip a scene where someone was being tortured.

Finally, it was such a short film.  I very much had the feeling that it was glossing over things.

Having said that, I bought Hayek’s performance.  She does really well with portraying the, “I am scared out of my mind but trying to keep it together,” bit.  

I am happy to say that watching this film made me more interested in reading the full novel.

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