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Amazing What a Coat of Paint Can Do

While I was in New Orleans, we boarded Kiwi and had some painting done. I don’t mean to turn this into the Home Renovation blog, but I suspect my mother sent me all of these pictures so that she could just send my link… Continue Reading “Amazing What a Coat of Paint Can Do”

Guillermo the Awesome Terminix Guy

Sunday night, I saw some ants on the floor of my bedroom. I have wood laminate floors in the bedroom, so they were very easy to spot and smash. By the time I had killed six, I pulled out the pet friendly Orange Guard… Continue Reading “Guillermo the Awesome Terminix Guy”

Check Out My Backyard

Why, you ask, is a lone adirondack chair sitting in the middle of the lawn? It is covering this: The other day after work, I hear my mother scream. Which is not unusual. But this was something slightly more panicked than normal and I… Continue Reading “Check Out My Backyard”

And the New Doors

The front hall is much darker now that we have the smaller windows way up there. Our compromise was I wanted to keep the double door concept and she wanted something that a burgler couldn’t smash to reach an arm in and unlock the… Continue Reading “And the New Doors”


As we speak, new front doors are being put on my house. Unfortunately, my “Before” shot was an afterthought as I was leaving for work today: Why, yes. They are very 1977. I could go on a complete rant about the silly looking fancy-schmancy… Continue Reading “Before”

A Productive Weekend

I took my last Accounting quiz on Saturday. The final exam isn’t until next Saturday, so it felt like I had an almost free weekend. I started it rearranging my library, and filling those new bookshelves. I won’t be “done” until I finish importing… Continue Reading “A Productive Weekend”

What I Did on My Saturday

Each Holiday Season my mother, like many people, goes on a frenzied cleaning spree. Such that I don’t want to be in the house. And then she gets angry because I’m not helping and I want to be in the house even less. This… Continue Reading “What I Did on My Saturday”

Also Waiting For Me

I came home yesterday. Let the dog outside. Threw my clothes in the washing machine. Let the birds out to play. Read the mail. Eventually made my way upstairs to my bedroom. Something was wrong. Someone had been in here. And I couldn’t put… Continue Reading “Also Waiting For Me”

It is done.

I am exhausted from trying to put by bathroom back together. But thrilled to be able to shower in my own shower. Here are some more bad pictures. First is the finished vanity. Eight drawers! The lights, which really mask the paint color. Which… Continue Reading “It is done.”

What is the Centerpiece of the Bathroom?

Last weekend, I spent Sunday afternoon removing every last thing from the cabinets and shelves. I left for Washington Monday morning, to minimize the number of days I would have to (gasp) share a bathroom with another human being. When I returned Thursday night,… Continue Reading “What is the Centerpiece of the Bathroom?”