A Productive Weekend

I took my last Accounting quiz on Saturday. The final exam isn’t until next Saturday, so it felt like I had an almost free weekend. I started it rearranging my library, and filling those new bookshelves. I won’t be “done” until I finish importing all of my music to iTunes. Then I will box up all of those CDs.

I trashed an old bookcase from Target (or wherever) to fit in the new shelves and spread out my history books. Lots of room to grow in those, but I didn’t seem to make any room for fiction. So I pulled out my mother’s old quilting magazines and my father’s old home improvement books. That should hold me for awhile.

Then I sat in front of the television and watched a movie. Glory was on cable and, to my shame, I had never seen it. I don’t suppose it counts as spoilers 20 years later, but fair warning:

My mother was walking by and said, “You know this doesn’t end well, right?” I figured as much, since it is a war movie. “So everyone dies?” I ask. “Pretty much. One person lives,” she replied. “Is it Denzel?” I ask. “I think so.”

Lies! Upon angry Anne interrogation, it was revealed that no one can possibly remember the details of a film one saw 20 years ago. Anyway, I am glad I saw it. And then I finished reading a book. A real book. And imported more music.

Today, a guy we know came to take away our old dining room set. It was a very nice set, but was in desperate need in refinishing. He got the furniture and we got a whole room for the birds! Pictures to come at a later date. Kiwi the Grey seems to have adjusted, but the lack of carpet has created a terrible echo whenever the dog starts barking.

I have been reading another real book. I expect to finish it tonight. I made dinner – pizza on a fresh flatbread crust that my grocery store just started making – while watching a PBS special on Fats Domino and New Orleans. Seriously. On PBS. Not some random cable channel like OTV. Good old local PBS is telling me to go to New Orleans.

And for the first time since Rainman, I am completely skipping the Oscars. It is rather liberating. Since there is no House marathon, I have completely turned off the television. It is going to be a long week, but at least I feel like I accomplished something.

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