It is done.

I am exhausted from trying to put by bathroom back together. But thrilled to be able to shower in my own shower. Here are some more bad pictures. First is the finished vanity. Eight drawers!

The lights, which really mask the paint color. Which is fine because I meant it to be a pale sage-like color and it came out rather minty. The “before” picture would have shown you the icy blue brother to this minty tone, so it is all rather cozily familiar. Oh, and the mirror has panels that are on there yet. We meant this to be recessed, but some pipes or something made it impossible. Whatever.

Perhaps a better view of the tub. You know what rocks? I have had the same shower curtain for about ten years. And it still matches this. You might ask why I want to keep the same shower curtain. It is machine washable. And I like it. And I generally hate everything else.

And finally the commode, which seems much smaller. Why is that? Because the vanity is much higher now. The one single thing I learned in this process is that counter tops were lower to the ground because sinks were actually bowls, rising that much higher off the surface. Now that sinks, you know, sink, there is no reason to have kiddie sized counters. Unless you have kiddies. I do not.

I can’t wait to go get my birds tomorrow.

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