Amazing What a Coat of Paint Can Do

While I was in New Orleans, we boarded Kiwi and had some painting done. I don’t mean to turn this into the Home Renovation blog, but I suspect my mother sent me all of these pictures so that she could just send my link to her friends.

I believe I mentioned that we finally dismantled the old formal dining room and made it into a bird room. Before:


And since Kay couldn’t let the red go, the kitchen went from periwinkle (with Eloise and the pizza):

to chili pepper (with Kiwi on the fridge):

Finally the family room that went from 1977 dark wood paneling:

To some dull thing called “camel” which will be covered with art. Darth Vader has been banished:

Someone that is clearly not me decided that the furniture should be moved.The point is that a new paint job can do wonders for one’s perspective and I think in a cost/benefit analysis of happiness it really can’t be beat.

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