What is the Centerpiece of the Bathroom?

Last weekend, I spent Sunday afternoon removing every last thing from the cabinets and shelves. I left for Washington Monday morning, to minimize the number of days I would have to (gasp) share a bathroom with another human being.

When I returned Thursday night, I lamented that I hadn’t taken any “Before” pictures. You know, to show the Internet.My mother, with whom I share this house, replied that she would be too embarrassed to show the “Before” pictures anyway.

By Friday afternoon, the job still wasn’t complete. This is not a complaint, in that I understand that tearing apart an entire bathroom and putting it all back together takes time. But that is also three more days that the birds are boarding, and I don’t like that, either.

However, it did give me the opportunity to take a few bad “In Process” pictures:

The bath tub is installed. With tiles!

The vanity is sort of there:

You can see the lights are there. Kinda:

Where the toilet should be. But where is the toilet?

It’s like “Where’s Waldo?” In my garage:

I am amazed at how disruptive home improvement projects are. My hat is way off for people that can Do it Yourself.

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