Guillermo the Awesome Terminix Guy

Sunday night, I saw some ants on the floor of my bedroom. I have wood laminate floors in the bedroom, so they were very easy to spot and smash. By the time I had killed six, I pulled out the pet friendly Orange Guard (pictured because I couldn’t make myself post a picture of the actual bug) and sprayed. I believe I killed two dozen ants in my room that night.

Monday night, there were a few more ants and this other tiny bug that I didn’t recognize. Then, when an ant crawled across my computer keyboard, I went crazy. I sprayed every corner of the room, then stripped my bed and changed the sheets.

Then wiped up the spray, per the instructions and vacuumed.

My mother asked me to bring her one of the “new” bugs. She got online and searched and thought it might be a carpet beetle. She called Terminix. The front office said that our guy, Guillermo, was scheduled to come out on Friday to do a regular outdoor spray and couldn’t come any sooner. As if I would last that long. She called Guillermo’s cell phone. He said he would stop by after his last appointment.

Moral of the story: always know how to reach your guy directly.

Guillermo arrived as promised, identified the bug as a carpet beetle (even though there is no carpet in the room) and mixed his spray of perfectly pet friendly stuff to stop the madness. I told him how irritated I was that the first time since I have lived in this house I have a relatively clean bedroom and this is the first time bugs have invaded. He assured me it was nothing that I did and they probably just hatched somewhere.

We asked if he’d been busy lately. Crazy busy, apparently. Mice or bugs? Both. Plus rats and roaches. I didn’t ask any more questions – just felt grateful.

Terminix service costs a couple hundred dollars a year. Right now I am feeling like it was a great investment. As long as we can reach Guillermo directly.

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