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Rabbit Rescue find the idea of a parrot rescue odd, so in the interest of solidarity I’d like to point you to an article in USA Today about a lady who wrote a book to educate people about rabbits and adoption:“Georgiana G. Hall (who goes… Continue Reading “Rabbit Rescue”

Merry Christmas – I’ve Been Looking for This Metric

As e-readers become more popular, many people have been wondering about the impact of the devices on the environment.  Obviously, if you read alot and exclusively use the e-reader, you are doing some good.  But how many books do you have to read on… Continue Reading “Merry Christmas – I’ve Been Looking for This Metric”


MSN had an interesting article talking about “microphilanthropists” – people that make small donations to charitable causes on a regular basis. Acknowledging that most causes still rely primarily on the Bill Gateses of the world, we are seeing more people giving a bit of… Continue Reading “Microphilanthropy”

The Big Bookstores

MSNBC had an article about the state of affairs with Borders and Barnes and Noble.  I am, of course, on the side of BN.  When I was younger, my friends would hang out at Borders.  The video/music section was better.  It didn’t take too… Continue Reading “The Big Bookstores”

This Story Made my Heart Grow Three Sizes Today

Jon Hilkevitch at the Chicago Tribune wrote a great article about a CTA bus driver that makes people’s days.  Her name is Darlene Coleman and she drives one of those routes that shuttles people from the train station to their offices in the city. … Continue Reading “This Story Made my Heart Grow Three Sizes Today”

I’ll Let the Numbers Speak for Themselves

Regarding airline fees, from USA Today: The Airline Biz blog of The Dallas Morning News reports US Airways expects to net $500 million this year in fees on items such as bag fees, change fees and on-board sales, according to comments US Airways president… Continue Reading “I’ll Let the Numbers Speak for Themselves”

Bookshelf of Shame columnist Mary Schmich was inspired by Oprah (don’t roll your eyes) to talk about a concept she called the “bookshelf of shame”: “All of us, at least all of us who like to read, have a bookshelf of shame: that psychic space, or… Continue Reading “Bookshelf of Shame”

Over the Limit

It seems that the town Deerfield, Illinois is considering some new rules for pet owners.  One involves required muzzling of “aggressive” dogs.  The other is limiting the number of pets in a home to five: “The board decided a limit of five would be… Continue Reading “Over the Limit”

Black Friday Strategies

The news is filled with articles, tips and deals regarding Black Friday and I particularly enjoyed this “strategy guide” from the Chicago Tribune.  My favorite part of the piece was listed under “Buddy up”: “People are going to use carts as battering rams, but… Continue Reading “Black Friday Strategies”

Mobile Check In

The Chicago Tribune helpfully pointed me to this promotion with United Airlines.  Apparently, they are trying to encourage us to use their mobile check in feature, wherein we use our smartphones to check in to a flight.  A square code, like a UPC symbol,… Continue Reading “Mobile Check In”