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Pictures Like this Are Why I Love the Chicago Tribune

That stupid Marilyn Monroe statue downtown during the first snowfall of the season.

Press for Project Linus

I wasn’t able to make the Project Linus Starbucks night this month, but I popped in to drop off blankets and pick up some prepared fleece.  All were abuzz about how Harry Porterfield of CBS News came to visit with his news crew.  Here… Continue Reading “Press for Project Linus”

That Thing in Georgia

I am not all that familiar with the Troy Davis case.  I know that he was executed and there was a great deal of controversy, as many people doubted that he was guilty of the crime.  I had been reading headlines on this case… Continue Reading “That Thing in Georgia”

Online Ordering at the Library

My favorite thing about my library’s website is the notification e-mails when something is due. The e-mail has a link that I can click to renew it right away. This has rescued me several times when I was in the middle of an audio… Continue Reading “Online Ordering at the Library”

Drop Boxes and Recycling

The Chicago Tribune ran an article today talking about all of those drop boxes for used clothing.  Apparently, while some are for charity, many are also maintained by for-profit businesses. It went on to talk about the items that are donated.  Apparently, “Americans throw… Continue Reading “Drop Boxes and Recycling”

Social Media Ways to Help Tornado Victims

A couple of weeks ago, posted an article called, “Seven Ways to Help Tornado Victims.”  In addition to the usual list of organizations that are on the ground helping (Red Cross, Salvation Army) was this: “Post found items to Facebook: Patty Buillon started a… Continue Reading “Social Media Ways to Help Tornado Victims”

Architects of Change

In one of the many, many articles about the separation of the Schwarzeneggers, there was mention of the website Maria Shriver launched to talk about things that matter to her.  I hadn’t heard of it before, so I clicked over.  Links to her books,… Continue Reading “Architects of Change”

A Real Blogger Would Have Something Profound to Say

Alas, I do not. Shortly after 10pm, I was just about ready to turn out my light and go to sleep. I checked back in on Facebook and saw my friend Brandon, who happens to work at CNN, post: Holy crap! This is huuuuge… Continue Reading “A Real Blogger Would Have Something Profound to Say”

Wherein I Think "I Told You So"

The Chicago Tribune ran an article, originally from the L.A. Times about a study of the health of business travelers. It seems frequent flyers are less healthy. Shocking. Here are the stats: “Extensive travelers were 260% more likely than light travelers to rate their… Continue Reading “Wherein I Think "I Told You So"”


We’ve all been hearing about the financial issues that the U.S. Postal service has been having.  We’ve all been hearing that changes are inevitable.  The Chicago Tribune reported on some of the local glitches as USPS makes adjustments: “In Highland Park, residents complain they… Continue Reading “USPS”