Merry Christmas – I’ve Been Looking for This Metric

As e-readers become more popular, many people have been wondering about the impact of the devices on the environment.  Obviously, if you read alot and exclusively use the e-reader, you are doing some good.  But how many books do you have to read on the device in order for it to be the “green” choice?  USA Today had an article that looks for an answer:

“The Sierra Club’s “Mr. Green” has concluded that unless you’re a fast and furious reader, the energy to manufacture and dispose of an e-reader is probably greater than that of a traditional book. If you read at least 40 books a year, the Sierra Club says, the e-reader may be greener, but if you read a lot less, stick to a regular book.”

I do read more than 40 books a year.  I don’t think more than five of those have been on the Kindle.  My mother downloaded two or three more.  Apparently, we do the environment better with paper.

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