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Tricia’s Update

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Michael Gargiulo, the guy arrested in California that was linked to Tricia Pacaccio’s murder, has now been charged for two murders in California. The Trib has a quote from Tricia’s mother: “All I want is to make sure… Continue Reading “Tricia’s Update”


The summer after my freshman year of college, a girl from my high school was murdered. Her name was Tricia. I didn’t know her well, and I hadn’t talked to her in a couple of years, but I remember her as a nice kid… Continue Reading “Tricia”

My Carbon Footprint

Ha! Look how green I am! The Chicago Tribune had an article about some British scientists talking about a good way to reduce one’s carbon footprint: Limiting family size is “the simplest and biggest contribution anyone can make to leaving a habitable planet for… Continue Reading “My Carbon Footprint”

Pet Adoption Question

The Chicago Tribune had an article about the screening processes used by animal shelters in advance of an adoption. You might be aware that I have a side in this one. This is what the shelters say: “You have no idea how traumatic abandonment… Continue Reading “Pet Adoption Question”

Fired Librarian

The Chicago Tribune had an article about a Michigan library assistant that was fired for writing a fictional tell-all about her weird patrons. Here is an exerpt from the introduction: “After working at a public library in a small, rural Midwestern town (which I… Continue Reading “Fired Librarian”

Endangered Species

I’ve been spouting this theory for awhile now, and because it is an unpopular theory that I dared not express at the lunch table, my mother has had to hear it a thousand times. I just got some validation. Panda bears are the Poster… Continue Reading “Endangered Species”

At the Movies: The Balcony is Closed

I read the Tribune, so I missed Roger Ebert’s blog at the Sun Times on the “new direction” of his show, At the Movies (or whatever they call it these days). You can read it here. I remember when Gene Siskel died, in early… Continue Reading “At the Movies: The Balcony is Closed”

Clothes Dryer

I am back from Washington, but my bathroom project isn’t finished. So I am without my birds, Kiwi the Grey and Manu the Foster-Amazon until Tuesday. More time to fool around on the Internet. From The Chicago Tribune: But even in real life with… Continue Reading “Clothes Dryer”

Volunteering in the Airport

One last thing about the airports. USA Today had an article about Volunteer Aides helping confused travelers at the airports: Last year, about 1,600 Travelers Aid volunteers — including many people who retired from the travel industry or love to travel — assisted some… Continue Reading “Volunteering in the Airport”

What Does it Cost to Have a Pet?

Liz Pulliam at MSN Money is one of my favorite online writers. She does a lot of work for people that are badly in debt, and also has some practical help. The best piece of advice she gave for me was the idea that… Continue Reading “What Does it Cost to Have a Pet?”