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I was reading an article in USA Today about two young girls throwing an event – a sleepover party – where their friends produced pajamas for a shelter and holiday decorations for a hospital.  I love these stories. My fondest little dream is that… Continue Reading “Kindness”

Getting Doored

A week or so ago, my friend John* sent me a text from the Emergency Room.  He was “doored”.  Riding his bicycle home from work like a good eco-commuter-getting-some-exercise, a parked car quickly and unexpectedly opened its door right into his path.  He went… Continue Reading “Getting Doored”

Beginning to Look Like Mordor

I only took a few more pictures when I visited Kilauea last month.  Lots of steam, lots of ash.  And now, we have actual lava.  And I read somewhere that the ground literally opened up – maybe that is the crack the shows here… Continue Reading “Beginning to Look Like Mordor”

This is Why I Love John Scalzi

Even though I don’t read sci-fi:“Jesus, 2011. It’s still only February, and you’ve already tired me out, news-wise. You are The Year Mostly Likely to Need Ritalin. Please make the next ten months entirely uneventful to make up for the first two spastic months.… Continue Reading “This is Why I Love John Scalzi”

Dear Charlie Sheen

Please shut up now.  Please. You know I am on your side.  You know I was happy as long as you showed up on the set, ready to work, like a professional.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Until you get arrested.  And… Continue Reading “Dear Charlie Sheen”

Financial Happiness

MSN had a good article:  5 Financial Habits That Will Make You Happy. The article opens with a statistic that I heard no long ago: “happiness rises as household income does up to about $75,000 ..but beyond that more money won’t make you happier”I… Continue Reading “Financial Happiness”

For Anyone Griping about Recruiters

This is the pile of applications I received for a recent job post.   No wait – this was only the “No” pile: You might think I am evil, because I will size up a résumé in ten seconds or less.  You may think I… Continue Reading “For Anyone Griping about Recruiters”

The Decline and Fall of Higher Education in the U.S.

The Trib wrote about a topic that has been bothering me for a long time – the fact that higher education has become less and less effective every year.  Standards are lowering and Google has replaced thinking. Here is the news: “The research of… Continue Reading “The Decline and Fall of Higher Education in the U.S.”

Volunteer from Home

Glenview Patch, my new favorite online publication, had an article highlighting some ways that people can volunteer for various causes on their own time, without leaving home.  Right now, I have Project Linus to fill that need, but I was particularly interested to see… Continue Reading “Volunteer from Home”

I Don’t Mean to Get Political on You

But MSN had an interesting article: “The California Supreme Court ruled Monday that police can search the cell phone of a person who’s been arrested — including text messages — without obtaining a warrant, and use that data as evidence.”  Apparently, the Court thinks… Continue Reading “I Don’t Mean to Get Political on You”