Social Media Ways to Help Tornado Victims

A couple of weeks ago, posted an article called, “Seven Ways to Help Tornado Victims.”  In addition to the usual list of organizations that are on the ground helping (Red Cross, Salvation Army) was this:

“Post found items to Facebook: Patty Buillon started a Facebook page containing found pictures and items that were blown by the tornadoes. She started that page after finding pictures and documents in her neighborhood that were blown all the way from Smithville, Mississippi, a town located 100 miles to the Southwest of her home. If you live near the disaster area and find photos, mementos or other items, scan them or take photos of them and post them to the Facebook page she created specifically for this purpose, entitled “Pictures and Documents Found after the April 27, 2011 Tornadoes“. There are now more than 600 photos and items on the page, with 40 of them already identified.”

That is good use of Facebook.

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