A Real Blogger Would Have Something Profound to Say

Alas, I do not.

Shortly after 10pm, I was just about ready to turn out my light and go to sleep. I checked back in on Facebook and saw my friend Brandon, who happens to work at CNN, post:

Holy crap! This is huuuuge news!
I can’t believe “Fast Five” won the weekend box office!

Obviously, he was being sarcastic. The next post was from my friend Dave:

Ding Dong, Osama’s Dead!

I was typing cnn.com faster than I did even on 9/11. And just like 9/11, cnn.com wasn’t fast enough. I turned on the TV like a normal person.

I remember that when I heard the news that morning, and cnn.com didn’t respond, I ran down the hall to my boss’ office. There was a crowd huddled about his little cabinet TV. I was feeling like I should be with people. For news like this, waiting around for the President to speak, I should have been with people.

Facebook had to suffice.

As Brian Williams was saying that the White House had sent out two “false starts” on the time of the speech, I wondered if something else was happening. Then I decided that the speech writers were probably just trying to make sure that he sounded fantastic. Ronald-Reagan-after-the-Challenger fantastic. Except with good news.

He was good, our President. And those Navy SEALs? Rock stars.

As an American and a frequent traveler, I can’t say that I feel any more safe than I did a week ago. But I am glad for a bit of closure.

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