“The Culture of Humiliation”

Many of my “real life” friends will recall that I laughed my head off when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, inasmuch as I couldn’t stand the Clintons. However, I always had some sympathy for Monica herself, particularly since she is my age and I couldn’t fathom the fear or shame she must have suffered.

Example:  When word hit the street that she had DNA evidence on that blue dress, the world decided that she had been trying to trap the President into some kind of blackmail scheme all along.  Her explanation was that when she got home that night, she had hung up the dress.  The next time she tried it on, she had gained weight and it didn’t fit.  She crumpled it up in frustration, tossed it on the floor of her closet and forgot about it for the longest time.  I remember thinking, “Well, I would have had it cleaned right away, even if I hadn’t known about the stain.  But I know exactly what she is talking about.”

I wouldn’t say I liked her, but I believed her.

She just wrote this piece for Vanity Fair, drawing some parallels between her experience and the Culture of Humiliation we have going online. And some stuff about misogyny that she couldn’t even have known would be so relevant right this second.  And about how women turn on each other.   Good Lord, how women turn on each other.

It is worth reading.  And also?  She looks fabulous.


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