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The Camera Phone

Google has been linking to articles from “WikiHow”, the Wikipedia of “How to” stuff. Today they had “How to Take a Good Picture on Your Camera Phone”, which I clearly need. So here is my biggest problem: “Keep your hand steady as you press… Continue Reading “The Camera Phone”

American Taxi

I have been a loyal patron of American Taxi for years. They are an unbelievably reliable company that serves suburban Chicago with flat rates to the airports and the city. And finally. They are online. American Taxi has been using automated ordering for about… Continue Reading “American Taxi”

The Great American Popcorn Company

Galena, Illinois is a little town in the northwest corner of Illinois, right on the Mississippi River. Galena is famous for two things: the home of General U.S. Grant and the most historic homes per capita in the United States. These homes are all… Continue Reading “The Great American Popcorn Company”

And He’s Off!

I love NORAD’s Santa Tracker. Above is a video from their Santa website. It is 8:21 a.m. Central Time and Santa is currently in Palau. He seems to have already hit Australia and a bunch of Pacific islands. I could watch this all day,… Continue Reading “And He’s Off!”

How Evil is HR?

Patrick Erwin at wrote a short article on 5 Job Blogs You Should be Reading. Blahblahblah. But wait. What is this? Punk Rock HR?! So I look at her stuff. The writer, Laurie Ruettimann, worked in HR for a good stretch and is… Continue Reading “How Evil is HR?”

Stupid Hard Drive

After spending all day at Scott’s house, my hard drive was re-installed. I went home and re-installed MS Office. It was very easy. You know what was a pain? Waiting for 12 months of updates to reinstall. I was up until midnight. Then today,… Continue Reading “Stupid Hard Drive”

Plug for a Guy I Used to Know

So. We have all heard of Digg, right? Community of people that surface and vote on cool stuff on the Internet. I am not a member, but I appreciate the idea and if I thought my life could stand five more minutes of hanging… Continue Reading “Plug for a Guy I Used to Know”

Pleasant Surprise

I live with a dog, a cat, an African Grey parrot, and lately am fostering a Goffin’s Cockatoo. No, I will not be able to get them all in one picture. I buy most of my pet supplies online from Drs. Foster and Smith.… Continue Reading “Pleasant Surprise”


Among the websites I require to function is the fabulous LibraryThing. This tool allows me to catalog all of the books in my own library. I haven’t begun to effectively use all of the functions, but look at that little widget to the right!… Continue Reading “LibraryThing”

Most of my friends already know about this website, but for those that don’t use it: The Internet Movie Database is the official data source for all things Hollywood. It covers television as well as film. Have you ever found yourself watching a movie… Continue Reading “”