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Monetizing am home from Seattle and really tired and feel like I should write something, but I have nothing to say.  So I am looking at Blogger and see that they are partnered with to allow for some monetizing on my little blog. … Continue Reading “Monetizing”

Custom Trail Mix

A few weeks ago, at my neighborhood Fresh Market, I was in the bulk food section and saw an interesting trail mix. It involved dried cherries, pistachios and cashews. I bought a container. I loved it so much that the next day I went… Continue Reading “Custom Trail Mix”

Goddam Salinger

Chicago blogger Erin Shea wrote a piece about JD Salinger yesterday. She had been listening to the NPR report with an English teacher. ““This is the book they keep,” he said. “This is the one they never give away.”” Shea continued: “I never have… Continue Reading “Goddam Salinger”

The Civil War and Reconstruction Era – 1845-1877, Lectures by David W. Blight

I just finished watching the final lecture in Professor Blight’s course on Academic Earth. I’ve been talking about it rather haphazardly because I have been watching them rather haphazardly this semester, so to pull it all together: Academic Earth is a website that offers… Continue Reading “The Civil War and Reconstruction Era – 1845-1877, Lectures by David W. Blight”

A Thanksgiving Miracle

If I haven’t mentioned it before, Drs. Foster and Smith rock.  They are located in Wisconsin, so Fed Ex Home delivers to my house overnight.  They have finally gone to $5.99 shipping (although that might explain why Kiwi’s Nutriberries are $2 more expensive for… Continue Reading “A Thanksgiving Miracle”

POTUS and a Lightsaber

John Scalzi writes many funny things and many true things.  The other day, he wrote something that I just loved about the Sci Fi geeks that whine about when their obsession is going to go mainstream.  I am not a real Sci Fi geek. … Continue Reading “POTUS and a Lightsaber”

Hot Diggity Moon Dog

My friend Jodi is starting a Blog.  I am very excited because she is one of the few people I know on Facebook that posts every day(ish) and is still interesting.  If she is going to post a sentence about her crappy day, it… Continue Reading “Hot Diggity Moon Dog”

Blogs of Note

Google’s “Blogs of Note” had a good one today: Forgotten Bookmarks is written by someone in a used book store and it writes about random things found during the intake process. I find things in the donated books pretty regularly at the library. Generally,… Continue Reading “Blogs of Note”

Best. Website. Ever.

MSN had a link on the front page that said, “Should Online Courses Go on Your Résumé?” Inasmuch as I am in an online degree program, I clicked on it and thought, “And why the hell not?” Oh. Because there are no grades. No… Continue Reading “Best. Website. Ever.”

I Don’t Even Know What to Title This

Laurie from Punk Rock HR wrote a post yesterday that was so funny I laughed out loud. Here is the punch line: “I am making this confession because your company is spending six figures to implement a Gallup employee survey and you are not… Continue Reading “I Don’t Even Know What to Title This”