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I Went to C2E2 and Didn’t Take Pictures

I had heard of the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, but never attended.  Yesterday, after my Book Club was postponed, I decided to go.  A couple of authors I like were there, they were going to have some stuff about 24 and in fact,… Continue Reading “I Went to C2E2 and Didn’t Take Pictures”

POTUS and a Lightsaber

John Scalzi writes many funny things and many true things.  The other day, he wrote something that I just loved about the Sci Fi geeks that whine about when their obsession is going to go mainstream.  I am not a real Sci Fi geek. … Continue Reading “POTUS and a Lightsaber”

Open House – Games

My friend Noah is a serious gamer. He is a perennial game master and plays in one other game that I know of. He is the reason I tried role-playing games in college and got all sucked in to playing Vampire. When we were… Continue Reading “Open House – Games”

Horrible Star Wars Thing

My friend Holly sent me this and I am only posting it here so that I can find it again when I need to make someone throw up. Like my brother. Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn’t seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on… Continue Reading “Horrible Star Wars Thing”

And Then There Were None – The Video Game

The other night at my friend Noah’s house, we were talking video games. I haven’t played them in a long time. He was showing us Oblivion. It gives me a headache. I told him I liked the old games where you pick up the… Continue Reading “And Then There Were None – The Video Game”

Plug for a Guy I Used to Know

So. We have all heard of Digg, right? Community of people that surface and vote on cool stuff on the Internet. I am not a member, but I appreciate the idea and if I thought my life could stand five more minutes of hanging… Continue Reading “Plug for a Guy I Used to Know”

Dixon, Illinois

I took a short road trip for work that involved spending a night in Dixon, Illinois. Famous for being “the boyhood home of President Ronald Reagan”. This is one of those places too far away to randomly visit, but close enough that I am… Continue Reading “Dixon, Illinois”