The Great American Popcorn Company

Galena, Illinois is a little town in the northwest corner of Illinois, right on the Mississippi River. Galena is famous for two things: the home of General U.S. Grant and the most historic homes per capita in the United States. These homes are all Bed and Breakfasts now, so Galena is also a very serious weekend getaway spot for Chicagoans.

My sister-in-law, Becky, grew up the next town over from Galena. So every year, someone brings us a bottle of the local sparling wine, Merry Merry Cranberry. And this year, Becky’s mom sent us some popcorn from my favorite place, The Great American Popcorn Company. They makes tons of flavors of popcorn, so if you are a fan, you must check it out.

My favorites are French Vanilla, which is a caramel corn with vanilla flavoring, and Zesty Ranch, which is a cheese popcorn with Ranch seasoning. My friend, Rich, swears by the Rootbeer Float. It has root beer flavored caramel and is covered in white chocolate. I find it tasty, but a bit too much to eat for real.

I have used the online ordering and been pleased with the speed of processing and shipment. But seriously, if you are anywhere near Galena, you should visit!

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