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As I have become more active volunteering, I am more aware of how much time, effort and money are required to keep charitable organizations going. I am not good at this fundraising stuff – this asking for money. At the same time, my family… Continue Reading “Crowdrise”

Shout Out for Project Linus

William, who blogs at Philanthropy in Motion, took the lead from Carlo Garcia and is writing about daily donations to worthy organizations.  His angle is a bit different.  First, his focus is primarily on children’s charities.  Second, he takes inspiration from the honorary days… Continue Reading “Shout Out for Project Linus”

Putt’s Pet Portraits

My mom’s friend Miss Gayle is a semi-professional artist specializing in pets.  She just launched a website so I thought I would give her a Shout Out.  This is the piece she did several years ago of my Late Great Dog Dallas: It… Continue Reading “Putt’s Pet Portraits”

Blogging Communities

I like Blogging Communities, because that’s where you know..people that like the same stuff that you do.  Since Thirty Something Bloggers seems to have gone inactive and Chicago Bloggers seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth, I started looking around.… Continue Reading “Blogging Communities”

The Grand Re-Opening

I was just getting ready to post about the re-opening of the Library – Saturday, 1pm – when the director of the Used Book Store sent me a link to an article. is a website that does local news and Glenview has its… Continue Reading “The Grand Re-Opening”

Being Thankful

This morning, my friend Maile was posting on Facebook about being grateful.  Then, the Trib linked to this blog on Chicago Now that has the same daily theme.   The author, Jennifer Fernicola Ronay, just wrote about 8 Reasons to Look Forward to Fall. I agree… Continue Reading “Being Thankful”

Sassy: Where Are They Now?

After finishing Season Two of True Blood, I went back to my DVDs of Daria: The Complete Series.  I am on the one where Daria meets Val, the magazine editor.  The episode is poking fun at Jane Pratt, founder of the long lost Gen X magazines… Continue Reading “Sassy: Where Are They Now?”


My friend Austin is a Cancer survivor.  Several years ago, in the thick of treatment, he started using the blog tool at Carepages, a great website for patient outreach.  It was a way for him to express himself in a safe forum, as well… Continue Reading “Austin”

Maile weeks ago, Maile, a friend from high school, posted a rather cryptic Facebook update. Then a rather shocking link: an Amber Alert on her son, Max. He was last seen with his dad, Conrad, on his way to school that Friday morning. She… Continue Reading “Maile”

Student Microloans

I was watching that episode of Community that utter_scoundrel recommended on and saw a commercial for   It said that a young woman in Peru could pursue her dream with a college education if she had the $700 for tuition.  I looked it… Continue Reading “Student Microloans”