The Camera Phone

Google has been linking to articles from “WikiHow”, the Wikipedia of “How to” stuff. Today they had “How to Take a Good Picture on Your Camera Phone”, which I clearly need. So here is my biggest problem:

“Keep your hand steady as you press the shutter button. After you take the picture, keep the phone in position to allow the picture to be recorded. If you move immediately after pressing the shutter button, often times you will just get a blur!”

Keeping the phone steady is near impossible for me. Then factor in the movement of my most frequent subjects: dogs and parrots. Then you have to hold still while it records – and it is completely hopeless.

There were some good tips in here, particularly about the lighting.

They say to keep your space free by downloading immediately. Personally, I e-mail it to myself and then delete. There were also a couple of hints about lame pictures – like self-portraits in the mirror.

Like Wikipedia itself, the articles in WikiHow are somewhat Hit or Miss. But I liked this one.

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