Best. Website. Ever.

MSN had a link on the front page that said, “Should Online Courses Go on Your Résumé?” Inasmuch as I am in an online degree program, I clicked on it and thought, “And why the hell not?”

Oh. Because there are no grades. No accountability in the courses they describe.

But what is this? Academic Earth? Never heard of it. Click.

Oh. My. God.

It is a library full of lectures. Some are one-shots, and some are complete courses. Complete meaning there are the 27 lectures, there is the reading list, there is the syllabus, there are the assignments. Free for anyone with a laptop to use.

I watched the intro lecture to a course on the Civil War, by a Yale history professor. I love him. I love him! And look at all the books he assigns!

And look at this! The American Novel since 1945!

This website is only six months old and I have already found five courses I want to take. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why they invented the Internet.

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