Hot Diggity Moon Dog

My friend Jodi is starting a Blog.  I am very excited because she is one of the few people I know on Facebook that posts every day(ish) and is still interesting.  If she is going to post a sentence about her crappy day, it is something like:  “I left my cell phone at the office.  Should I go back to get it?”  I’m thinking about turning off my e-mail notifier thing because of all the conversations she generates.  Another was if you are interviewing candidates for a job, and the otherwise perfect person wears flip flops to the meeting, would you hire?  (The answer is no.  And NO.)

She is cool for about a million reasons but I will start here:

  1. She found a job in Milwaukee and moved there because she couldn’t stand living in the suburbs for one more minute.  I bet she can make a whole bunch of fun observations about that.
  2. She has two cats named…Vinnie and Leo, I think.  After the artists.  So she has goofy cat stories, which I hope will include goofy pictures.
  3. She is also back in school.
  4. She is my personal human urban dictionary.

Oh, and her husband is my friend Rich. 

Jodi’s first blog entry blew me away.  No “Hi, I’m Jodi and I am starting a blog because that is what all the cool kids do.”  She was all personal and relevant and current events-y.  Apparently, gay people are not allowed to be organ donors. 

And now that I have posted about her, she will be forced to keep the thing up.   For awhile.

P.S. Jodi:  Now my mother has your blog.

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