Processed and Melted

Another Weekend Assignment Rewind  (Because I am tired and cranky and don’t have anything nice to say.)

Weekend Assignment #311: What is your favorite kind of cheese and why? Do you have it often, or just occasionally?

Extra Credit: Is there a kind of cheese you hate?

I actually thought that I was a serious fan of cheese.  Then I discovered Whole Foods.  I tried different types of cheese and hated plenty.  Then, because I wasn’t done with the game, I started trying every variety of Cheddar – Irish, Australian, you get the idea.  It turns out that I like Vermont Cheddar and Hoffman’s Super Sharp Cheddar the best.  And I think you can get both at Costco.

I find this utterly ridiculous because I love cheese.  Love it.  I have rejected Five Guys because it does not have cheese sauce for their fresh cut french fries.  Seriously? I don’t care how good your burgers are, Five Guys – I am going to Meatheads.  And having a grilled cheese sandwich.

Wait.  I just did that for lunch.

This is where my mother says, “I keep telling you.  You just do not have gourmet tastes.”  In my defense, I have outgrown Velveeta.  I think.   I haven’t had it in a really long time, anyway.  The cheese I have most often is parmesan.  On my pasta.  At Noodles & Company.

I actively dislike stinky cheeses.  I enjoy blue cheese on a cobb salad, but that is about it. 

Have I answered the question?  What is my favorite cheese?  The kind that comes from Wisconsin.  Pasteurized.

3 Comments on “Processed and Melted

  1. Not sure if cheese sauce on fries is regional since I don't know if I have had that. I think I've had fries with melted cheese before.Five Guys is pretty good, finally made it there last week, but I still think In-and-Out is less gimmicky and also cheaper. Though I do like getting jalapeno slices on my burger, and the grilled onions and mushrooms were tasty.

  2. In-and-Out hasn't made it this far East yet, but my West Coast family swears by it. If you have never had cheese sauce on your french fries, I recommend that you never. ever. try it.Spare yourself the future temptation.

  3. The oddball topping on fries here is ranch dressing. Eegee's does this and it's great!I can't say I care for any of the moldy, runny or stinky cheeses either. I can just about handle a modest quantify of Feta. Cheddar, havarti and the italian pasta cheeses are tops.

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