Joys of the Season

Weekend Assignment #334: What Are You Looking Forward To?

We are about to begin the last quarter of 2010, tell me what you are looking forward to. Will it be the coming holiday season? The cooler days of autumn? The kids going back to school? Family gatherings. Tell us all about it!

Extra Credit: Tell us what you are least looking forward to in the upcoming months.

I am looking forward to lots of things, thank you very much. Let’s see:

1. September Apple picking with Alex. My brother and I have taken the nephew to Oriole Springs Orchard to pick apples every year.

2. The re-opening of the Library. Operations officially shut down last night to begin the big move to the new building. The ribbon-cutting is scheduled for October 9 at 1pm.

3. In November, I will finish paying for the TV we bought for the last holiday season. At which point, I will be free to buy a new laptop.

4. My niece, Ainslie, will be two years old by Christmas. Christmas is way more fun with a two year old than a one year old.

And for my first world complaint about what I look forward to the least:

I work across the street from the biggest shopping mall in Chicagoland. From Thanksgiving through the New Year, the traffic is nerve-wracking when I leave the office. Not looking forward to that.

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