Weekend Assignment # 354: Tour Guide

Do friends or relatives from out of town ever visit you? If so, do you take them sightseeing? Where?

Extra Credit: What is the most interesting place you ever went sightseeing while visiting someone else?

Well, you can’t really call this “sightseeing”, but it tells you something about my family:

A a couple of summers ago, my Aunt Jacquelyn and Uncle Mike got in their RV with their youngest son, Matthew, and drove across the country. This was my aunt and uncle’s third trip, but Matthew hadn’t done it before. They chose their routes and destinations by a book based on the Food Network show, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

Aunt Jacquelyn called us one day, out of the clear blue sky, to say that a restaurant in Glenview, Hackney’swas on the list. They wanted to try the famous blue cheese burger.

Hackney’s is an institution in Glenview. And the burgers are great. But to come to Chicago just to eat at that restaurant in Glenview? And anyway, I’m not sure I appreciate it being referred to as a “Diner” or a “Dive”. But there it was.

So at the appointed hour, they parked their RV at the forest preserve across the street and we had Hackneyburgers. Some involving blue cheese. And the famous onion rings. We caught up for a bit, and then they got back in the RV and headed north to some other landmark eatery.  And the Jelly Belly Factory.

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