In Honor of Thanksgiving. Or Something.

Weekend Assignment # 245: Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is upon us, the time of year when we’re asked what we’re thankful for. Let’s take the opportunity to interpret this literally, and actually thank someone! Tell us about someone in your life, past or present, whom you would like to thank for what they did, and why.

Extra Credit: Suggest a Weekend Assignment topic, because I’m running dry! Also: would you prefer that the topics be mostly literary, or is a variety better?
At the risk of making my mother cry, I am going to go with Thanking My Brother.  Here is a totally non-comprehensive list of stuff Scott has done that has made my life better, easier or more fun:

  1. He has three children.  So I am not required by either family, guilt or maternal instinct to produce my own.  And they are lots of fun.
  2. He is a techie, of sorts.  I will never have to do research for a new television or re-install my own hard drive.
  3. He calls Dad.  It is nice to know the old man is still alive, and God knows I can’t be bothered to pick up the phone.
  4. He once camped out, overnight, for the opening of a Star Wars movie.  I will never top that geekery.
  5. He has power tools.
  6. He once went to a Tea Party meeting “just to see what all the fuss was about”. 
  7. He is convinced that his next car is going to be electric.
  8. He is going to build me a new blog template.   He said he is going to build me a new blog template, even though:
  9. He never reads my blog, because he thinks blogs are stupid. 
  10. He is not on Facebook, because he thinks Facebook is evil. 

I don’t like to publish pictures of my family on my “public” blog, but here is one of Scott from The Alex Collection:

He called it, “Daddy’s Slipper on the Rug”.

I am seriously considering getting that kid a real camera for Christmas.  Because that would be fun for me.

Regarding the Extra Credit, you’d think I have a whole bunch, because I do “poll questions” for our the newsletter at work.  Here is one that Joy suggested that we haven’t used yet:

Tell us about something you have Googled recently.

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