Project Linus – Year One

Let’s start with my last two blankets of the year:

Blanket 69 starts with this blue fleece from Ikea.  It is large, as seen on a queen sized bed.  So it doesn’t need to be cut at all, just run through with the rotary skip stitch blade to crochet.  I forget who in our chapter found this, but at $2.49 it is a great deal.  I bought several and swapped them for prepared fleece, then got one back the next time around.  I forget what the yarn is, but I want to say it was one from Bernat.

Blanket 70 was just your average piece of pink fleece and a Red Heart variegated yarn.  I think it was the Cotton Candy one again.

And that was the year.  70 Blankets is pretty good for Year One, I think.

So as I reflected a bit on the experience and what I want to do in 2012, I had several thoughts.

First, when I turned in my completed blankets at the last Starbucks night, Peggy pulled them out of the bag to put the special Project Linus tag on them and saw that I had a fully crocheted blanket in with several crocheted-edge fleece.  I said, “Yeah.  I’d forgotten how long it takes to do them.”  I can finish a fleece inside of one average professional sports game (I finished my first 2012 blanket during the Bears game yesterday).  Fully-crocheted takes forever.  So it is hard to put a number on how many blankets I plan to do next year.

Also, I am still only doing a single crochet.  The ladies at Project Linus are certain that at some point, I will want to branch out and stuff takes longer when one is learning.

But what I can say is that I made time to attend more events than I originally thought I could do.  I  made nearly all of the bi-monthly Saturday events and was a regular at the monthly Wednesday evening gatherings at Starbucks.  I have met a lot of wonderful people who welcomed me warmly even though I haven’t a fraction of their artistic skills.

I’ve said that my chapter is large and active.  I have already offered to help if they are interested in taking the networking to the next level online.  But I’m not sure they even need it!

Overall, I am very happy with the experience and plan to continue as an active donor and volunteer in 2012.

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