A New Blanket Day

I may have mentioned that every other month, my chapter of Project Linus gathers in a  local church and spend a good part of a Saturday making blankets.  Finished blankets are “processed” by sewing in Project Linus labels, tagged, counted and bagged for delivery to local hospitals and other organizations that give them to children in need.  I have tried to join the “processing” activities, but I don’t sew very well and there are plenty of other volunteers that can manage much better.  So I work my own projects.

Today, there were so many people that we ran out of chairs.  As you might expect, there were plenty of sweets, as we are all trying to clear the holiday treats out of our houses.  One volunteer brought chili.  The chapter received donations of yarn and fabric and these were divided up among volunteers to use for various blanket projects.  I have two in progress right now, because I didn’t want to bring a half-finished one on the road with me.  So I tossed a couple of skeins in my suitcase with a crochet hook.  I brought that one with me.

Halfway through the day, I got up to stretch and found the pile of completed blankets:

Around the corner were more blankets that had already been bagged:

And around another corner there were more:

I forgot to ask for a final count, but it looked pretty impressive to me.

If you are local and interested in participating, here is the link to the website.  It has calendars for future events and other instructions.

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