Blankets 7 – 10

Project Linus night at Starbucks is this week, so I figured I’d better log these in and wash them:

My problem here (besides the lighting) is that when I wait until I have several blankets completed, I forget the details of the work.  The one on the left was, I think, a Caron Simply Soft variegated yarn.  I couldn’t begin to remember the name.

On the right is the famous Ikea fleece with Red Heart Monet yarn.

In the center – with the princesses – is one that makes me particularly proud because I found it (along with a few other panels) on clearance and prepped them myself.  Which led to slicing my finger with a rotary blade.  Not so proud of that part.  Caron white yarn.

Which leads us to number 10:

Doesn’t look like much next to the princesses, but I may have mentioned before:  I don’t see many blankets out there appropriate for an older boy if he doesn’t like sports.  This is my solution.

Caron Simply Soft yarn in Black.


2 Comments on “Blankets 7 – 10

  1. I really love that last one. I think it’s a good solution too. I’ve been meaning to ask you how you prep the fleece – I guess I need to buy a rotary blade so I can finally make one of these!

  2. Ooh! There is a video for that! My chapter did a demo and put it on YouTube. I’m going to find it.

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