Blankets 34 -36 2013

We’ve had several Project Linus events going on and coming up, so here are my most recent blankets.  We begin with my first granny square blanket ever:

34 2013 1st granny square

The yarn is Lion Brand’s Vanna White Baby yarn in Little Boy Blue and Lamb.  The last row is a simple double crochet, inasmuch as I was desperately running out of yarn.  When I turned it in last Monday, the ladies all said that my stitches were even, which I guess is how one judges the work.  So I was very happy.  Next we have single crochet with Caron Soft yarn in…red and black.

35 2013

And finally, a Superman fleece panel that I hadn’t gotten to the month before.  Edged in Red Heart Bright Yellow.

36 2013


For those in the area, Culver’s Restaurant in Buffalo Grove is having a fundraiser for my chapter of Project Linus this coming Thursday, May 16.  I will be there after work!

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