Blankets 50 – 60

We moved the furniture in the family room, so hopefully the lighting issues will get better with my blanket pics.

These were so long ago, I don’t even remember them.  But the Superman one looks like Red Heart White and Cherry Red.  Perhaps that is Red Heart Royal Blue with the flowers in the middle and Red Heart White and Royal Blue with the green robot fleece.

50 - 52 2013

On the left is the Batman fleece with Red Heart Bright Yellow.  Next is the playing card pattern.  I did the foundation row and my mother did the rest with Caron Red. The frogs have Red Heart Royal Blue.  And the black one has what appears to be a piece from a nursery fleece pattern.  I loved that one in an “I want to keep it” way and edged it with Red Heart Calliope yarn.  I made the ribbony effect by doing three double stitches in each hole with no chain in between.  I think it worked.

53-56 2013

This was the granny square blanket that I started in Jackson Hole when I ran out of yarn for the project I had taken with me.  So I went on to Google to find a store that sold yarn and found a quilting store that had some very basic Red Heart stuff at absolutely unreasonable prices.  This became my official “carrying around” project until it got to be too big.  And then it sat for awhile.  And now it is hockey season.

57 2013


Strawberry Shortcake has Red Heart Medium Purple.  The green jungle print has some random yarn that was in the exchange on Blanket Day.  I think it was the Hobby Lobby brand.  On the far right is a My Little Pony fleece – at least, I think that is the new modern My Little Pony – where I did the double thing again in Red Heart Shocking Pink.



58-60 2013

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