Finishing Up Project Linus 2013

I didn’t finish as many blankets as I expected, but that was because I was working on a project for my grandfather’s church.  I will do better next year.  These were the last of 2013:

61 - 65 2013These five were from November.  I couldn’t really tell you anything about the yarn

66 2-13This one with the ladybugs is one where I did the foundation row and my mother finished it.  It counts.

67 - 69 2013

And the last three.  The bears on the left and the new fangled Holly Bobbie on the right used Red Heart Royal Blue.  The pink in the center has the applique fleece pieces that another volunteer does before handing it off to me to stitch.  The yarn is Red Heart Spring Green.  And that brings the total to 69 on the year.

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