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Project Linus 2014

It seems I have posted blanket pics exactly one time this year.  So let’s just get this out of the way for the sake of posterity or whatever.  These are blankets 18 – 67, for a total of 67 on the year:

The Least I Can Do

The news broke last night that a Grand Jury determined not to indict the officer that shot Michael Brown to death in Ferguson, Missouri.  At about the same time, Marissa Alexander accepted a plea deal in Florida.  Ms. Alexander was facing decades in prison… Continue Reading “The Least I Can Do”

An Evening with the History Nerds

Friends of the Glenview Library hosted a program last night with John Alexander, a Civil War scholar who runs a used bookstore downstate with his lovely wife.  I found him particularly charming because he said several times that his interest was not necessarily in… Continue Reading “An Evening with the History Nerds”

Shout Out for Amy

The other day a post popped up on my Facebook feed from Heartland Animal Shelter.  This isn’t unusual, as they are active in social media, but the post was a flyer for a fundraiser in memory of Amy Thier, founder of Splash Dog.  My… Continue Reading “Shout Out for Amy”

Culling the Library

I have often said that my To Be Read book pile is an overflowing seven shelf book case.  So overflowing that I can’t actually see all of the books that are on it and once or twice a year, I buy a book that… Continue Reading “Culling the Library”

Some People Doing Great Stuff This Season

We in Chicago are finally starting to celebrate Springtime.  This year it is a particular relief, but I suggest that it is always a time for feeling grateful.  In that spirit, I thought I’d highlight a few people that I know who are doing… Continue Reading “Some People Doing Great Stuff This Season”

Starting with Project Linus (Because Posting Pics is the Easiest Thing)

Blankets 1 – 17 2014 Please note:  This year I am including both blankets that I made entirely on my own, and those that I started with a foundation row and then handed of to my mother, Kay, to finish:   The multicolored blanket… Continue Reading “Starting with Project Linus (Because Posting Pics is the Easiest Thing)”

Finishing Up Project Linus 2013

I didn’t finish as many blankets as I expected, but that was because I was working on a project for my grandfather’s church.  I will do better next year.  These were the last of 2013: These five were from November.  I couldn’t really tell… Continue Reading “Finishing Up Project Linus 2013”

Blankets 50 – 60

We moved the furniture in the family room, so hopefully the lighting issues will get better with my blanket pics. These were so long ago, I don’t even remember them.  But the Superman one looks like Red Heart White and Cherry Red.  Perhaps that… Continue Reading “Blankets 50 – 60”

Orphans of the Storm – 2013 Pooch Parade

Due to The Incident, I had to cancel a trip to St Louis with my nephew.  So I was available for yesterday’s Pooch Parade, and my doctor cleared me for it.  This was the 7th Annual 2-Mile Walk to raise funds for Orphans of… Continue Reading “Orphans of the Storm – 2013 Pooch Parade”